Volume image reveals cellular details across the full retinal thickness. Acquired with adaptive-optics-assisted optical coherence tomography in a 52-year-old subject.

Miller & Kurokawa, Annu. Rev. Vis. Sci. (2020)

Welcome to The Miller Lab!

We are a group of passionate scientists and engineers with a common goal to advance the field of biomedical optics in eye research ... and to have fun along the way. We develop and apply powerful optical imaging systems to study structures and processes in the living eye that was previously not possible. These instruments open up exciting new directions to study both normal and pathological vision. The long term goal is to translate our findings to the clinic to facilitate earlier detection and improved treatment of diseases that lead to blindness.

The lab is part of a highly active and well funded community at IU working in the broad area of optics and imaging for vision research.

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Cellular scale imaging using adaptive optics OCT
Annu. Rev. Vis. Sci. (2020)
Miller & Kurokawa
Assessing inner retinal temporal dynamics in the living human eye
Neurophotonics (2020)
Kurokawa, Crowell, Zhang, and Miller


Cone photoreceptor classification from photostimulation
PNAS (2019)
Zhang, Kurokawa, Lassoued, Crowell, Miller
Multi-reference global registration of AO-OCT retinal images

J. Biomed. Opt. (2021)

Kurokawa, Crowell, Do, Lee, & Miller.

Editor Note: “An unusually expansive paper on registration of images captured over protracted periods - with great potential to improve OCT data utility in the retina”


“2020-10 Donald Miller receives the Glenn A. Fry Award in recognition of his significant research contributions to optometry. The award is sponsored by the American Academy of Optometry Foundation.”


2020-02 Ayoub Lassoued wins the Pascal Rol Award at SPIE Photonics West BIOS. His presentation was “Measuring dysfunction of cone receptors in retinitis pigmentosa with phase-sensitive AO-OCT.”

Congrats, Ayoub!

2019-12 Furu Zhang successfully  defends his doctoral thesis: “Imaging physiological activities of photoreceptors with adaptive optics optical coherence tomography in the living human eye”.

Congrats, Dr. Zhang!